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Welcome to
The Harry Plankenhorn Foundation

Supporting the vision impaired, youth, needy

and the capital improvement needs of qualified 501(c) 3 

organizations that serve only the residences of

Lycoming County, Pennsylvania for more than 60 years.

“With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right..."

Abraham Lincoln

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“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”

Mark Twain

About Our Foundation

Harry Plankenhorn's Helping Hand to Lycoming County Pennsylvania

Harry Plankenhorn experienced a life-changing event and as a result of that event, The Harry Plankenhorn Foundation was eventually chartered in 1958.  

Over the past 60 plus years, the foundation has become known as Lycoming County's quiet foundation and honor Harry Plankenhorn's theme "Charity to all."

The foundation's main charter is too provided support to the vision impaired of Lycoming County.  

Our charter also directs us to support the youth, needy and lend a helping hand for the capital needs of local nonprofits that serve the people of Lycoming County, Pennsylvania.


The Harry Plankenhorn Foundation Board 1960's, Lycoming Hotel

Front Row Left to Right

James H. Smith, Secretary

Lester L. Greevy, Vice President

Gus Plankenhorn, President

Abram M. Snyder, Treasurer

Otto Schweikle, Chairman Emergency Aid Committee

Second Row Left to Right

E. Earl Miller, Board Member

Dr. Edward N. Moser, President Church Council,

Odell Zechman, Paster of Immanuel Church,

John J.D. Deemer, Board Member

Richard G. Lowe, Chairman Investment Committee,

Judge Charles F. Greevy Chairman of Welfare Committee

Home: Our Causes

Our Causes

It started with one person's desire to make a difference

Helping Vision Impaired of Lycoming County

One of our goals is improve the quality of life and support the needs of individuals in Lycoming County that are legally blind and have problems with their vision.  We also support programs that help screen children for vision problems.


Helping Youth and

Those in Need in Lycoming County

One of our main goals of The Harry Plankenhorn Foundation is to provide a helping hand to the youth and those in need in Lycoming County. We spend a significant portion of our resources on supporting various summer camps, after school programs and programs designed to feed and nurture children. 

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